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Candidacy for State Representative

April 1, 2016

Rep. Lauwers announces campaign for third House term
Goals include continuing Michigan’s comeback

BROCKWAY TOWNSHIP – State Rep. Dan Lauwers filed paperwork to seek a third term in the Michigan House of Representatives, expressing his desire to continue making Michigan a state in which his children and grandchildren can thrive.

Rep. Lauwers, R-Brockway Township, said he initially decided to serve the communities in the 81st House District so he could help create an economic environment in Michigan in which young people can find good jobs and raise families.

“I want to continue to do all I can to make sure my kids can stay in Michigan,” Rep. Lauwers said. “I don’t want to watch my children move out of state for jobs like so many other Michigan parents have. They deserve a future in the state they grew up in.”

Rep. Lauwers said he will continue to work hard to make St. Clair County and Michigan as a whole a successful comeback story.

“It has a been a pleasure and a privilege to serve people in the 81st District, and I look forward to continuing to support policy that helps create jobs in Michigan,” said Rep. Lauwers, who serves as chair of the House Committee on Agriculture. “Michigan’s agriculture industry continues to grow, employing nearly a million people and contributing more than $1 billion to the state’s economy. Our efforts have resulted in Michigan’s unemployment rate being lower than the national average, and fostered a tremendous growth in manufacturing jobs.”

Rep. Lauwers has also put emphasis on cutting bureaucratic red tape that often delays or prevents people from accomplishments.

“The Agriculture Committee has made it a priority to strike antiquated laws and needless regulations from the books that can get in the way of success,” Rep. Lauwers said. “We should be making it easier for farmers to tend to their crops and livestock without jumping through regulatory hoops caused by outdated laws.”

He said reforms have resulted in a growing workforce as well.

“Those same burdensome regulations prevent businesses from growing and creating good-paying jobs,” Rep. Lauwers continued. “We have used common-sense reforms to remove barriers that prevented job creators from expanding, and our unemployment rate reflects those reforms have worked.”

Rep. Lauwers and his wife Kellie, live on the family farm in Brockway Township. They have three grown children, Jonathan, Lauren and Nicholas.


April 1, 2016
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