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Rep. Lauwers announces campaign for third House term

BROCKWAY TOWNSHIP – State Rep. Dan Lauwers filed paperwork to seek a third term in the Michigan House of Representatives, expressing his desire to continue making Michigan a state in which his children and grandchildren can thrive.

Rep. Lauwers, R-Brockway Township, said he initially decided to serve the communities in the 81st House District so he could help create an economic environment in Michigan in which young people can find good jobs and raise families.

“I want to continue to do all I can to make sure my kids can stay in Michigan,” Rep. Lauwers said. “I don’t want to watch my children move out of state for jobs like so many other Michigan parents have. They deserve a future in the state they grew up in.”

Rep. Lauwers said he will continue to work hard to make St. Clair County and Michigan as a whole a successful comeback story.

“It has a been a pleasure and a privilege to serve people in the 81st District, and I look forward to continuing to support policy that helps create jobs in Michigan,” said Rep. Lauwers, who serves as chair of the House Committee on Agriculture. “Michigan’s agriculture industry continues to grow, employing nearly a million people and contributing more than $1 billion to the state’s economy. Our efforts have resulted in Michigan’s unemployment rate being lower than the national average, and fostered a tremendous growth in manufacturing jobs.”

Rep. Lauwers has also put emphasis on cutting bureaucratic red tape that often delays or prevents people from accomplishments.

“The Agriculture Committee has made it a priority to strike antiquated laws and needless regulations from the books that can get in the way of success,” Rep. Lauwers said. “We should be making it easier for farmers to tend to their crops and livestock without jumping through regulatory hoops caused by outdated laws.”

He said reforms have resulted in a growing workforce as well.

“Those same burdensome regulations prevent businesses from growing and creating good-paying jobs,” Rep. Lauwers continued. “We have used common-sense reforms to remove barriers that prevented job creators from expanding, and our unemployment rate reflects those reforms have worked.”

Rep. Lauwers and his wife Kellie, live on the family farm in Brockway Township. They have three grown children, Jonathan, Lauren and Nicholas.

2014 Primary Election Endorsements

    Michigan Bankers Association
    Michigan Chamber of Commerce
    Also recognized as a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by the Michigan Chamber for achieving a perfect 100 percent score on the Chamber’s 2013-2014 Voting Record.
    Michigan Doctors’ Political Action Committee
    Michigan Farm Bureau, AgriPac Friend of Agriculture
    AgriPac is the non-partisan political action committee of the Michigan Farm Bureau (MFB), the state’s largest farm organization, encompassing nearly a half-million voters. “Friends of Agriculture” represent qualified candidates who have demonstrated basic beliefs and/or actions consistent with farmer-developed MFB policy.
    Michigan Realtors Association
    Michigan Retailers Association, Friend of Retail
    Michigan Retailers Association represents nearly 5,000 members and their more than 15,000 stores and websites in Michigan. Retail is directly responsible for more than 850,000 jobs in Michigan’s economy, and one-fourth of Michigan jobs are supported directly and indirectly by retail sales. Eighteen percent of Michigan’s total economic activity (GDP) comes from retail.
    Michigan Townships Association
    National Federation of Independent Business NFIB/MI
    State Representative Dan Lauwers’s re-election campaign received a boost today with an endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the state’s leading small-business advocacy group. Dan Lauwers is running for re-election in the 81st State House District.

    “After a careful review of the candidates we have found that Representative Lauwers has a keen understanding of the problems facing family businesses and their employees,” Owens said. “We wish Dan success in the upcoming election and we look forward to continue working with him in the Michigan legislature.”

    Right to Life of Michigan
    Small Business Association of Michigan, SBAM Stamp of Approval
    Michigan Association of Police Organizations (MAPO)
    Collectively, the eight organizations that comprise MAPO represent 10,000 certified police officers in the State of Michigan. The MAPO consists of:

    The Grand Rapids Police Officers Association
    The Warren Police Officers Association
    The Michigan Association of Police
    The Police Officers Labor Council
    The Michigan State Police Command Officers Association
    The Michigan State Police Troopers Association
    The Detroit Lieutenants and Sergeants Association
    The Detroit Police Officers Association

    Personal Endorsements:
    Attorney General Bill Schuette
    Dwight Bartle – Brown City
    Jenise Brennan – Emmett
    Kevin Daley – Lum
    Daniel Damman – Marysville
    Tim and Amy Donnellon – Emmett Township
    Travis and Cadi Fahley – Yale
    Lisa Goodin – Emmett
    Cliff Gordon – Croswell
    Donald Hayduk Jr – Yale
    Chris Heiden – Emmett
    Mark and Chris Lauwers – Almont
    Mike and Stacey Lauwers – Capac
    Mike and Kathy Lentz – Lynn
    Jill Lewis – Capac
    Dale and Cheri Long – Brockway
    John and Kimberly Morden – North Street
    Doug Nemecek – Yale
    Ron and Madeline Parks – Allenton
    Mike and Amy Pratt – Allenton
    Gary and Fran Rapley – Yale
    Jim Reid – Jeddo
    Keith and Rose Scott – Emmett
    Don and Fran Stange – Capac
    Barb & Tim Stasik – Yale
    Dale Steuver – Lynn
    Jay Tuggle – Almont
    Mike and Michelle Wendling – Wales Township

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