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More about Dan

Dan Lauwers understands what we need to do to turn Michigan around. As a small business owner, Dan knows firsthand how to create jobs and build a successful hometown business.  As a husband and a father, Dan and his wife, Kellie are raising three children and want their generation to be able to have the same great opportunities to live, work and raise a family in Michigan.

Now, Dan wants to take our values to Lansing as our next State Representative. Dan is committed to working to make it easier for businesses to create jobs, simplify bureaucratic red-tape, work to protect our water resources and advocate for our ideas at the State Capitol.

Dan Lauwers was raised to appreciate Michigan’s outdoors. Today, he’s passing down those same values to his children.  Among them is a deep appreciation for Freedom and sportsmen’s rights.

As our State Representative, Dan wants to:

  • Make Michigan more competitive and attractive to businesses in order to create new jobs
  • Eliminate job-killing regulations to allow companies to expand and grow in Michigan
  • Modernize services to provide better customer service when doing business with the state
  • Support creating a part-time legislature and cut the cost of operating state government