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On the Issues

Creating Jobs and Better Opportunities

For nearly 20 years, Dan Lauwers has worked to grow our local economy one job at a time.  He leads a grain business that started with one employee, and today, it employs over twenty people with good-paying jobs right here in our area.

If we expect government to fix the economy, we need fewer politicians, and more leaders like Dan Lauwers who know how to create real, lasting jobs. Dan Lauwers is the only candidate in this race who has built a local business and created numerous jobs right here in our community.

As a small-business owner, Dan understands the solutions we need to make Michigan a competitive place to provide more jobs. Dan’s mission is to streamline government rules and reform unfair regulations that are standing in the way of creating new, good-paying jobs.

Looking Out for Hardworking Taxpayers

Dan Lauwers continues to oppose tax increases to protect hardworking taxpayers like you, because in this economy, you deserve to keep more of what you earn. Dan has also maintained common sense budget priorities so government doesn’t spend more than it takes in.

Protecting our Values

Conserving our water resources, investing in education, and preserving our agricultural heritage is a top priority for Dan Lauwers. As a 40 year resident of our area, Dan understands this is the key to protecting our quality of life.

Protecting our Gun and Hunting Rights

Dan Lauwers was raised to appreciate Michigan’s outdoors.  Today, he’s passing down those same values to his children.  Among them is a deep appreciation for Freedom and sportsmen’s rights. As our State Representative, Dan Lauwers will stand firm and defend the 2nd Amendment.

Our Honored Veterans

For Dan Lauwers and his family, honoring the brave men and women who have unselfishly served our country is personal.

  • Father, Richard Victor Lauwers, Army, Artillery Surveyor, Honor Guard and Drill Team
  • Grandfather, Victor Richard Lauwers, WWI, Polar Bear
  • Uncle Robert Lauwers, WWII, Air Force B-17 Belly Gunner | Uncle Lawrence Lauwers, WWII, Calvary

Our soldiers and veterans serve us with honor, and Dan Lauwers believes they deserve to be properly honored for their service.

Lauwers will continue to fight to provide Michigan’s veterans with the best health care and the full benefits that they were promised.

“Our veterans were willing to risk everything to secure our freedom, so we should do everything we can to give them the very best our nation and state has to offer.” –Dan Lauwers